Brand Incite

Breaking the credit union mold


Based in Salem, Oregon, MaPS was preparing for a change in executive management, expansion of its charter, and a push to increase membership. The leadership team recognized that a change in business strategy needed to be accompanied by a refreshed brand, so it hired our team to take them through a brand development process to clarify what distinguished the credit union in the market.


A spirited full-day brand discovery session with the executive team yielded a surprising result - MaPS was ready to stand out from the expected credit union "community" positioning and have some fun with the brand. The new brand identity and creative concept reveal an organization that is fun, personable and a veritable "banktopia" of financial services. The process also helped the company clarify its mission, vision and purpose so all employees knew what it meant to be a member of the MaPS team.

The MaPS brand identity and visual expression is unexpected, fun and differentiating.