Brand Incite

Creating the premium brand in specialty displays


Clarity Visual Systems was an emerging company in the large-scale, digital display technology market. They built a sterling reputation for high-quality products and were poised to expand into new vertical markets, global channels and product categories. The ambitious plan would pit them squarely against the largest electronics manufacturers in the world. Clarity knew they needed to elevate their brand game to compete.


Over the course of six years, we repositioned Clarity to be the premium digital display brand for control room and digital signage applications worldwide. All communications were packaged by vertical market to emphasize the specific value proposition for each industry and position the company as an expert in the field. The strong brand helped Clarity grow by a factor of seven, integrate two acquired two companies, and rebrand its product portfolio following the acquisition by Planar Systems.

Brand communications packaged by vertical market positioned Clarity as the expert in each industry.